Who is in control?

Roman’s 11:10 This is the penalty of their disbelief; eyes that constantly fail to focus on the fact that Christ took their burdens and now their backs are still bending to the point of breaking under the strain of their own burdens.

I must have read this chapter three times this morning before this hit me.


When I think how many times I am stressing out over something. Whatever problem I have going on……. whatever is causing me to lose sleep at night.

Items that I am inadvertently trying to control and not even realizing that they are actually creating more problems.

There is a skill set out there that I would love to master. And that skill set is turning my problems over to the Lord. All of them not just a select few.

I think we all have examples in our lives where we have turned the situation over to the Lord and received total and complete peace about that situation.

Here is my question, why are there areas in our lives where we have difficulty turning it over to the Lord?

I would submit to you that if you have a situation in your life right now that you don’t have peace over then you haven’t completely turned it over to Him.

What are you going to do differently now that you have recognized this?

What does that process look like for you?

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