I watched the movie Overcomer last night by the Kendrick Brothers. I was incredibly moved. I guess this is my movie review. If you haven’t seen it I think you would enjoy it. 5 stars here.

For me, I found it interesting how upset I got with one of the characters because of the unforgiveness that they carried. I found myself being self-righteous sitting on the couch . You could say I was being judgmental . I didn’t know what was going on .

What got me was when she got moved.

When she prayed, she cried out for help. She wasn’t on her knees with her hands folded at the edge of the bed. She was at the dinner table and her eyes were open and she was just flat-out having a conversation with God.

Sometimes I think we get so stuck that we need to pray a certain way, or we need to have this polite religious-based perfect prayer. When all God really wants is to just have an honest conversation with you and you have an honest conversation with Him.

Where there is forgiveness there is absolute freedom.

Luke 8:25 He said to them, where is your faith? And they were afraid and they marveled, saying to one another, who then is this, that He commands even winds and water, and they obey him?

It is really difficult to forgive someone when you don’t have faith.

When it comes to forgiveness how are you doing in that department? Are you going through a time right now when you feel like someone owes you because of what they did to you?

What can you do today to forgive that person that you need to forgive?

Give yourself another chance. Remember, forgiveness is not about the other person, it’s about your own heart.

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