The Gentle Way

2nd Timothy 2:25 your gentle way of instructing those who oppose you will inevitably lead them to see what God believes concerning them and give them the best possible chance to acknowledge the truth. 26 and so they will escape the intoxicating influence of the Fallen mindset and the enslaving dictates of the devil.

I love this. I hear love them where they are, not where you want them to be.

Be patient it’s not your job to convince them of your view. A lot of times it’s just planting the seed and being Jesus with skin on.

I think back how many times the Lord has actually treated me this way. He is so patient with me.

It’s so simple yet so hard at times. To treat people the same way the Lord treats me. Many times I think my way is better, if you would just listen to me your life will be better because I have all the answers. Yeah right!

Today be patient, be loving, and remember when you’re instructing, do it with love and don’t be forceful.

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