Galatians 3:6 Abraham had no other claim to righteousness but simply believing what God declared concerning him! Isaac confirmed God’s faith, not Abraham’s efforts. This is all we have in common with Abraham. Righteousness reveals God’s faith is responsible for Mankind’s salvation in direct contrast to they’re doing it themselves by keeping moral laws. The Mirror

In the law of awareness. Nathaniel Brayden says, “the first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance. If you want to change and grow, then you must know yourself and accept who you are before you can start building.”

My opinion, if you don’t know who you are you’re just walking on quicksand.

Paul makes it very clear that all Abraham had to do was believe what God said about him. It’s that simple, so why do we make it so difficult at times?

Samuel Johnson said, “almost every man waste part of his life in attempts to display qualities which he does not possess.”

I read this quote and I wonder how many times do we attempt to live by the law which is a quality that we do not possess. So much wasted energy. Wouldn’t it be easier to just believe who God says you are? Walk as a righteous man from this day forward. Stop Believing the lies that you keep hearing. Okay so you looked at some porn, or you lied, or you’re a thief. Maybe you yelled at your wife? I don’t know you fill in the blank.

That still does not change how God thinks about you, how God sees you, or how He feels about you which is total complete unconditional love.

Walk It Out.

3 thoughts on “Abraham

  1. My thoughts: Since all my sin is forgiven, there is not an issue of God’s tolerance, there’s nothing for him to tolerate on his end due to the blood of Jesus. Since I, as a Christian, am no longer judged for my sin, my sin is becomes an issue of self defeat. My eternity is sealed. When I focus on my sin (trying harder) instead of who He created and redeemed me to be, I walk in an attitude of ” being tolerated” instead of Sonship and I live feeling defeated all the time. When I sin, it is because of something I believe in my heart that is not congruent to who I am and who God is. My bad beliefs drive a decision to fill myself with something other than God or to make willful decisions as if I was God.
    If there is not more condemnation from my Father then how could there be “tolerance” on His part? If he no longer judges me then how can I “be judged for sin” at the same time?
    Grace is either grace or it isn’t. There isn’t a middle ground.


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