A prayer

Something by Andrew Murray ……. Something that would be very difficult to do, but very rewarding.

It is this: retire from the world and all conversation, only for one month. Neither write, nor read, nor debate anything with yourself. Stop all of the former workings of your mind. And, with all the strength of your heart, stand for one month, as continually as you can, in the following form of prayer to the Lord. Offer it frequently on your knees. But whether sitting, walking, or standing, be always inwardly longing and earnestly this one prayer to the Lord.


“Lord I pray that of Your great goodness You would make known to me, and take from my heart, every kind of and form and degree of pride, whether it be from evil spirits, or corrupt nature; and that You would awaken in me the deepest depth and truth of the humility that can make me capable of Your light and Holy Spirit.”


Reject every thought, except that of waiting and praying in this matter from the bottom of your heart, with the kind of truth and earnestness that is used by people in torment who wish to pray and be delivered from it. If you can and will give yourself up in truth and sincerity to this spirit of prayer, I will venture to affirm that, if you had twice as many evil spirits in you as Mary Magdalene had, they will be all cast out of you, and you will forced with her to weep tears of love at the feet of Jesus.

Be Blessed and walk it out


I think this would be harder than a forty day fast from food!


One thought on “A prayer

  1. This pricks my deepest spirit to walk in this …to long for it.. to be so sweetly broken and to arise with the loving clasp of Jesus on my shoulders. His joy and His love expressed in his features. Features of a face that have seen the worst but choose to express the best in me with eyes so clear and a smile from ear to ear saying .. well done my good and faithful servant. You are my cherished..


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