Phil. 2:5 The way Jesus saw himself is the only valid way to see yourself! The Mirror

Having lunch with a friend of mine yesterday, He made the statement. When you compare yourself to other people then you stop comparing yourself to Jesus. Have been chewing on that for a while. I’m guilty as charged I have compared myself to other people. I wish that I made a lot of money like (fill in the blank) here’s an example that hits home for me I wish sometimes I knew as much about the Bible as other people do.. I feel I know what I’m supposed to know at this stage, but I often wish I knew more. I wish my business was more successful like so and do’s business is. You get the point?

I don’t do this comparison thing very often. I would like to think that I catch myself most of the time, so I don’t go down that road all the way. The thought that I stop comparing myself to Jesus when I compare myself to other people really didn’t sit very well with me.

When I got to the passage below it really put things in perspective. Each star differs from the next star. Which means that I occupy my very own unique place in this world or universe. There’s no reason to compare when I have my own special place in the heart of God

The glory of Kēvin differs from the glory of Marcus or Bob or Steve. So, my glory is different from your glory and Glory means the same so why do I need to compare?

Glory def: worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving (just one example in the dictionary)

1 Cor 15:41 The glory of the sun differs from the glory of the moon; (while the one radiates light, the other reflects light.) Also the stars differ from one another. Each one occupies its own unique place in space.

There are some things in this world that I need to expend energy on but comparing myself to others is not one of them. Seeing myself the way God sees me is.


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