Psalm 32.8

Psalm 32:8 I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go I will guide you with my eye.
It’s no coincidence that this came from yesterdays devotion.  With all of the rain yesterday going on the laundry room job did not get finished because the paint was still wet. So I wasn’t going to go out there yesterday. Yesterday morning he called me and I just knew it was about what I had spoken to his wife about the day before. I prejudged when I saw his name come up on my phone.  That wasn’t it all.  It was completely work-related. The interesting thing was when I saw his name come up on my phone the first thing that I did was oh Lord guide my conversation.
When we were through with the conversation I just kind of sat in my chair thinking I’m not going out there today I don’t need to. Something in my spirit was telling me otherwise so I loaded up my stuff and I headed to his house. On my way out there I felt like holy spirit said tell him the story about when your son passed away. That’s really not something I think about very often so I knew it was God.  
When I got there he was surprised to see me and we talked about the project then then I was leaving I turned to him and said “I feel like the Lord wants me to tell you  the story about my son.” He said okay let’s hear it. So as I went through the story and I got to the part where Jesus said there wasn’t anything that you could have done to prevent this it wasn’t your fault.  It visibly shook him.  I could tell it was Holy Spirit  speaking to him. After I was done with the story I gave him Comfort I told him I was sorry about his parents gave him a big hug and then he asked me.
“Tell me again what this deal is that you go on?”   I told him it’s five and a half days with God uninterrupted and that it is life-changing as it was life changing for me.
He looked at me and said “I think I’d like to go on something like that. I feel Holy Spirit is tugging on his heart. So we will see.  His name is Tad if you would like to pray for him.
As far as the story goes about my son and his death it’s not a long story but it’s more than I care to type up. So if you would like to hear it feel free to call me and I’ll tell you about it or we could go to lunch.

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