Prayers are coveted I am leaving to go on Quest today. It’s been a good prep work for me.  Have been hearing a lot about being intimate with our Dad. This morning as I was reading in Romans chapter 16 this verse really stood out to me and it’s exactly what I needed to hear.
16:20 God who is the author of our peace shall quickly and utterly trample 1satan, doing it with your feet. Your victory is realized in the revelation of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and echoed (personalized) in your amen. 
(We are the body of Christ. God desires to demonstrate his reign of peace in us by confirming satan’s defeat in our practical day to day experience. The defeat of 1accusationis celebrated in what grace communicates. The word, 1satanos, means accuser. The law of faith defeated the law of works!)
It’s good to know that the lord through me tramples satan with my feet when I’m in prayer,  but also in my day-to-day experiences.  So as I sit here and Ponder it makes me wonder why sometimes I get so jacked up when things seem to be going awry. Things happen during the day that would be easy for me to say I’m under attack but if the enemy is already defeated then how can I be under attack? Could it be that a lot of the issues that happened to me during the day or actually my own doing?  Perhaps I am listening to my own voice?  If you do not spend time in the word,  it makes it very difficult to discern  what the truth is from the lies.
Verse 24 says the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ belongs to you.
My name is (put your name here) and the spirit of the Lord is upon me I have been anointed to preach the good news to heal the sick to bring sight to the blind. This is the year to proclaim the Lord’s favor.
Be blessed and walk in favor today!


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