Romans 12:15

I was listening to Todd White this morning.  It has been awhile.   He makes a statement that just made me pause.  He said “People are waiting for you to step in to who God created you to be so other people can have permission so they can live like the bible says they can.”   Romans 10:15  And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written,  “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”Todd says, “How will they see unless you live by example?”
I just had to think a minute and ask the question.  Do I do that?  I thought …….  I do that on quest but what about the rest of the time when I am not on quest?   Not as much.   I actually had the thought that sometimes I don’t want people to know that about me in case I fall.  Case in point …… when I am driving or dealing with someone on the phone about customer service.   Or do I choose the people that I need to know that I walk with Jesus when it is convenient for me?   Which is really  not good thinking.   I am actually working for a client who is a non-believer.   I found that out in a very awkward way and Holy Spirit told me to shut up.  Holy Spirit told me that I would not lose the job because of my comments.  I have you there on purpose.   So the whole time that I have been working there I have been Jesus with skin on.   I have not mentioned Jesus once only lived it.   I feel Holy Spirit is saying when you receive your final payment then you are to sit down and tell them you story.   I have beautiful feet……..      
Do I live in such a way that when people are around me,  they feel convicted by the way I live?                 

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