102 days part 2

            So Wednesday the Lord spoke to me about the Sabbath.   So last night  I crawled in bed and I was going to scan through Facebook when I hear Hebrews 4 ……. and in my mind I’m thinking,   what?,   you never tell me to read at night.   So I read it and was stunned.  All of Chapter four is speaking about entering into God’s rest.  Not necessarily about the Sabbath but it is so much more than that.

4:3 Faith (not our own works) realizes our entrance into God’s rest (into the result of his completed work). Hear the echo of God’s cry through the ages, “Oh! If only they would enter into my rest.” His rest celebrates perfection. His work is complete; the fall of humanity did not flaw its perfection.
4:10  God’s rest celebrates his finished work; whoever enters into God’s rest immediately abandons his own efforts to compliment what God has already perfected. (The language of the law is “do;” the language of grace is “done.”) 4:11  Let us therefore be prompt to understand and fully appropriate that rest and not fall again into the same trap that snared Israel in unbelief.  The Mirror

So I am still chewing on this.  I have read it like 4 times already.   So I am looking at this and I see where it pertains to me.   Let me explain …….  I joined a leads company when I didn’t need to back in June.  A friend of mine told me yesterday that he didn’t understand why I needed to go work another field when the field I was already working was producing more fruit than I could handle.   Basically what I did was try and improve on what God was already doing.  Grasp what I am saying here …. Trying to improve on what God was already doing.  Like He was not doing enough already so I needed to help Him Hebrews 4:10

102 days part 2

The other part of the story is about a Leads organization I joined back in June.  So I’m going to include an email that I sent this organization yesterday morning when I got home from my men’s group..
Hello owner,   so I am going to do my best not to make this spiritual but it is.   I have had a check in my spirit the last month about being involved with your organization. Today I got confirmation two ways that I’m not supposed to be a part of your organization. This morning I heard Holy Spirit say at my men’s group “I never told you to be a part of that lead company.”    They when I got home my wife wanted to know what we had talked about and she normally never inquires.   I told her what I felt like Holy Spirit was telling me and she said “I never thought you were supposed to be on it from the beginning and I asked you why did you sign up without talking to me first?”    I just realized that I had not landed one job this summer anywhere since I been with your organization. All the work that I have received was booked before joining your organization.   I just looked at my estimates and since June 1st I have done 42 estimates so far this summer and have not landed 1 job.   This is unheard of for me. So I’m asking you to cancel my membership effective today.  I have no doubt your company is going places but lord has me going in a different direction. 

 So having said that I picked up my first job in 3 months last night.  And then two calls this morning for two more jobs.  I realized after I went back to town that it was 40 jobs not 42 and 40 is a very significant number in the bible.

The question for you is this…… are you helping God or staying out of the way?

Radical obedience always precedes the miraculous

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