Are you fully clothed?

So Yesterday (Sunday) was the first day in 4 years that I did not do any type of work for my company on Sunday,   I have to say it has been like ………..  a new type of freedom.
I woke this morning thinking what could I do today?   How about nothing.   So I got up and got in the word.  It was actually a struggle.  Not sure why it just was.   I am glad I pressed in.  It is so easy sometimes to just let the attitude or the world get in the way of the Lord.
I have noticed over the last couple of days that I have felt the lust trying to creep in and I said no!   This always seems to creep in during my prep for Quest which started today.   I am a son and that is a fact and I will walk as a son.   My name is Kevin and the spirit of the Lord is upon me!
 My devotion took me to Romans 12 but the huge word came to me in the last scripture of chapter 13 .
 Romans 13:14  By being fully clothed in Christ makes it impossible for the flesh to even imagine to find any further expression or fulfillment in lust. Jesus is Lord of your life. (1enduo, fully immersed in the consciousness of the Christ-life, as defining you.) So I am reading this over and over where it says “Christ makes it impossible ………..”   this so resonates in my spirit.   Jesus is Lord of my life!
 As I go back and read starting with verse 13:9
 13:9  Love makes it impossible for you to commit adultery, or to kill someone, or to steal from someone, speak evil of anyone, or to covet anything that belongs to someone else. Your only option is to esteem a fellow human with equal value to yourself.
13:10  Everything love does is to the advantage of another; therefore, love is the most complete expression of what the law requires.
13:11  You must understand the urgency and context of time; it is most certainly now the hour to wake up at once out of the hypnotic state of slumber and unbelief. Salvation has come.
13:12  It was night for long enough; the day has arrived. Cease immediately with any action associated with the darkness of ignorance. Clothe yourself in the radiance of light as a soldier would wear his full weaponry. (The night is far spent, 1prokopto, as a smith forges a piece of metal until he has hammered it into its maximum length.)
13:13  Our lives exhibit the kind of conduct consistent with the day, in contrast to the 1parade of the night of intoxicated licentiousness and lust, with all the quarrels and jealousy it ignites. (The word, 1komos, refers to a nocturnal and riotous procession of half drunken and frolicsome fellows who after supper parade through the streets with torches and music in honor of Bacchus or some other deity, and sing and play before houses of male and female friends; hence used generally to describe feasts and drinking parties that are protracted late into the night and indulge in revelry.)
 I find it interesting that I had to hear verse 14 before 9-13 spoke to me
It is like a recipe for freedom.
Then you go back to Romans chapter 12   therefore I urge you brothers in view of God’s mercy,  to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice Holy and pleasing to God.  That would be you Spiritual act of Worship
So the question today is ………. are you fully clothed?

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