Hebrews 10

Someone asked me yesterday “how is your heart?” I gave the standard poser answer because I didn’t feel like getting into it right at that moment. My heart is sad. There is very sweet lady that I have been praying for, my mother in law and other people having been praying for her as well. We have had great words spoken over her about her healing, but it feels like the prayers are going UN answered. The doctors are saying there is nothing else they can do, so it looks like they are going to move her to hospice Thursday. My wife who has been very strong during this time broke down yesterday for the first time that I have seen. It hurt to see her like that, I know it is life, but why can’t the evil just get snuffed out and leave the good people alone. I have a lady who I am supposed to add on to her house, that I have only known for three months. People have been praying for her as well. I went to the hospital last Friday. She had some questions for me and then we gathered around and prayed for her healing so she could go home. Now she is worse and is having 24 hour care. You hear about this happening a lot, prayers that seem to go UN answered, but do they. It can and sometimes makes it very hard to pray when you feel like your prayers are going UN answered. Prayer is how we communicate with God; we just have to remember are we listening when we are praying? Or is it just a one side conversation. I received a little comfort this morning in the word. Hebrews 10 and so, dear brothers and sisters,

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