Matthew 18 33-35

Forgiveness or un-forgiveness:

Don’t you hate when something is bothering you and you just can’t place it? You talk about it amongst yourself and you end up making it worse! What I am trying to say is bitterness, anger, un-forgiveness. They do not have a place in your heart if you are going to walk with Jesus. What does Jesus say Matthew 18.33 Shouldn’t you have treated the other servant as mercifully as I treated you?’ 34 “His master was so angry that he handed him over to the torturers until he would repay everything that he owed. 35 That is what my Father in heaven will do to you if each of you does not sincerely forgive other believers.” I am in my men’s group last night and we are talking about this very subject. I got called out. I have men in my group that love me enough to call me out instead of saying. “I am sorry did you pray about that” or “Wow that is a tough place to be” or ” here is what you need to do” but instead I hear” Brother? You know what this group is about you are walking in unforgiveness.” I thought “Really” screw you I am not. Then I set there for moment a quick moment and heard “yep you sure are” So I received what was spoken to me

Now what do I do? I took it to the Lord, that is what I did. I prayed about this several times last night in bed and then this morning I walked around my house and prayed about it. I finally got peace and then I was able to write. Last night was when I realized after I got in bed that this week I was turned over to the tormentors and didn’t like it.

When does a deceived person know he is deceived?

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