The other day

May 21st

The other day was a great day until I started meditating on the wrong things. It started with an email from a client.

There are times I have noticed with myself that I will start meditating on the wrong things, and before I know it, I have spiraled out of control. I’m not even realizing what I’m doing.

What happens next is like a light bulb goes off in my head. Wait a minute, I’m meditating on the wrong thing here. No wonder I’m so wound up. These instances are getting further and further apart. In other words, they’re becoming rare in my life, but they still happen. When they do, I have to stop, take a breath, and meditate on what is good. Meditate on who he is in the situation and not what I think.

I have to stop letting what has happened matter more than what matters the most and that is Jesus

The more I think about that phrase the easier it is to not meditate on the wrong thing

I have also found that meditating on the wrong thing can also be a form of being judgmental because I have decided the reason something is happening when I don’t know all the facts.

Philippians 2.4 To discover your own completeness in Christ frees you to turn your attention away from yourself to others! 5 The way Jesus saw himself is the only valid way to see yourself! The Mirror

I belong to Jesus

One thought on “The other day

  1. to me this means don’t let anything matter more than the lord and don’t find your self being judgmental during meditation

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