Purifying your heart

I actually wrote this post almost 2 weeks ago, but I felt like I wasn’t supposed to send it out yet. Then the stuff happened that caused me to write the post called “Mercy.” I was going through my drafts when I came across this. I felt like the Lord said post it now. I have improved on how I react to people, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Purifying your heart

I can remember years ago when I would do things like drugs, alcohol, pot, or whatever the sin was that I was doing. That stuff wouldn’t bother me.

When I came to know Jesus and I would do those things (sin). The difference now is that they hurt my heart. They make me grieve. Those things are not who I am

I am grateful that the Lord continues to inspire me and purify my heart through the gospel when these things happen. I am constantly changing and growing

I can’t improve on who I am in Jesus, but I can improve on how I react when I make bad choices. I can improve on how I react to people when I get persecuted or slandered or when they hurt me, or when I allow myself to be hurt.

Hebrews 10:22 We are free to approach him with absolute confidence, fully persuaded in our hearts that nothing can any longer separate us from him. We are invited to draw near now! We are thoroughly cleansed, inside and out, with no trace of sin’s stains on our conscience or conduct. The sprinkled blood purges our inner thought-patterns; our bodies also are bathed in clean water. (Our behavior bears witness to this.)

Purify my heart

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