Are you at rest?

This question was posed during our staff meeting on quest this morning. Was Jesus at rest when he was on the cross?

Was Jesus at rest when he was on the whipping Pole?

Hebrews 4.10   God’s rest celebrates his finished work; whoever enters into God’s rest immediately abandons his own efforts to improve what God has already perfected. (The language of the law is “do;” the language of grace is “done.”)

Was Jesus at rest in the garden?

11   Let us therefore be 1prompt to understand and fully appropriate that rest and not fall again into the same trap that snared Israel in 2unbelief. (The word, 1spoudatzo, from spoude, I translated prompt, not labor; this word also reminds of the English word, speed; immediately! The word, 2apeitheia [apathy] from a as a negative particle, not; and peitho, convince; is often, wrongly translated, disobedience.)

Was Jesus at rest on the cross?

I have to ask,  when issues or problems arise in your life, are you at rest when you choose to deal with them?

I think one or two things are going to happen, either you’re going to be at peace/ rest and deal with it  (Jehovah Shalom) or you’re not going to be trusting the Lord and might be walking in unbelief. 

Great questions:  

Did Jesus pay the price to free me from this? 

When Jesus rose from the dead did He conquer this? 

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