Who do you trust? Jesus? Or the physical therapist?

Proverbs 3:5 (ESV Strong’s)
5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.

Yesterday was my first physical therapy appointment. Very interesting was that experience. I had to totally surrender my right arm and shoulder to the physical therapist, if I tried to do any movement on my own it was extremely painful.

Let’s think about the bigger picture here, I’m having to put my right arm and shoulder in the hands of an individual that I’ve known for approximately 20 minutes. I have a choice I can fight him and what he wants me to do or I have to 100% trust him on his expertise and his wisdom. If I have any doubt in his ability it will cause me pain and suffering. (Because I will try and do it myself.) The question that I have been asking myself is how am I able to trust a man who has a doctorate in physical therapy that I’ve only known for 20 minutes versus trusting a man who died for me over 2000 years ago?

That question is really been weighing on my heart this afternoon and evening. I know that Jesus has told me things to do and I have withheld because I didn’t trust. But yet I can trust a man who probably wouldn’t die for me. I mean when you think about it. I really don’t think this guy would die for me. But yet I will trust him 100%.

I mean it’s the same with airline pilots, with surgeons. The last time I got on an airplane I didn’t even give it a thought about the guy flying the plane. When I was in the hospital Thursday I never even gave it a thought that I couldn’t trust anybody doing their job. I was the center of attention.

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