Are you at peace?

Hebrews 5.8 Acquainted with sonship he was in the habit of 1hearing from above; what he heard 2distanced him from the effect of what he had suffered. The Mirror.

The word hearing is often translated as the word obedience or compliance or submission.

I must have spent 30 minutes yesterday back and forth between the mirror version and the ESV on this passage and I just couldn’t get it. This morning however I opened my Bible back up to this exact passage and then it made sense after reading it one time.

This is my take, Jesus knew who he was and because of his obedience his hearing from his dad, it didn’t matter the suffering that he was going to go through he was in total peace.

I think a lot of times we hear from the Lord and we know it’s him. We know we’re going to go through a really hard time and instead of being at peace about what we’re hearing and going through, we allow ourselves to be in turmoil because we question was that really God?

God is a heart God. Be at peace today and focus on who he is as you walk through what you have to walk through today. God has your best interest at heart I truly believe that

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