Messenger of God

It’s not often that I chew on my own devotion but that’s what I did yesterday. It almost made me more consciously aware how I look at people. How I perceive people. I saw the other day where someone said, see all people with an invisible sign around their neck that says I need encouragement. That was an eye-opener. So now, when I email or speak to customer service people, I imagine that sign around their neck. That’s going to make it really hard to be ugly. That’s a good thing. And as the scripture says below most of these people you’re speaking to anyway or strangers.

Hebrews 13:2 treat strangers with equal affection; they could be a messenger of God in disguise The Mirror Bible

Life is too short to treat messengers of God as if they are beneath me or something.

Could it be that if you treat the stranger today is if they have a sign around their neck that says I need encouragement. Then wouldn’t that make you a messenger of God?

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