Tough guy

I find myself many times a different person when behind the Wheel of my truck. A different person hiding behind an email or phone. When the Lord sees what you’ve done in secret he will reward you in the open. I realized this is more about prayer than anything but at the same time I think it could reference character.

I just had a thought, I’m this tough guy when hiding behind the wheel of my truck or hiding behind a rude email.

99% of the time the email has to do with bad customer service. I think maybe if I’m a jerk good enough I’ll get my way. When the Thought should be is my attitude or my tone reflecting who I am and who lives in me? The same goes with my driving. Nobody sees my attitude when it’s bad while I’m driving. Nobody that’s in the Physical Realm.

Hebrews 12:14. Pursue peace with all men; true friendship can only be enjoyed in an environment of total forgiveness and innocence. This makes God visable in your life

I wonder if the thought process might go like this…….. I want my way I don’t really care if the other person on the end of this email or phone call knows Jesus. I want my situation handled and handled correctly. If the other person on the other end of the email doesn’t come to know Jesus but I get my way then that’s what’s important. Most likely I will never see them again or hear from them so who cares.


This is as far from who I want to be as I can get. I really need to check my heart when I get into these situations.

When I act like that……. God might be living in me but I am not projecting him outward I am keeping him trapped so nobody can see him.

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