Don’t wait for people to change

Titus 3:2. Gossip is out! Never have anything bad to say about anyone! You do not have to win every argument; instead, avoid quarreling, be appropriate, always show perfect courtesy to one and all. The word, mache, means controversial, striving. You don\’t have to wait for people to change before you are nice to them. There\’s a big difference between fake politeness and perfect courtesy. The Mirror

As a person who has experienced this, being mean to somebody or being forceful hoping that they will change. This attitude just doesn’t work and it certainly doesn’t build value into someone.

We have to learn to love people where they are not where we want them to be there is a big difference. Many times I wonder if we’re being mean to someone hoping that they will change.

Who’s trying to be in control of that situation?

I am sure there was a time that we acted the same way or someone thought they need to be harsh with us.

Look how we turned out.

John Maxwell, “says become very conscious of every choice you make today so you can begin to make smarter choices moving forward.”

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