A tree is known by its fruit.

Matthew 12:33
A Tree Is Known by Its Fruit
“Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad, for the tree is known by its fruit.

This passage inspired me this morning and at the same time caused me to pause. What kind of fruit am I producing? We all produced fruit, the question is this, is the fruit that we produce always edible? I would say the fruit that I produce isn’t always edible and the inedible fruit is sometimes when I’m alone, but not always.  It could be a thought process or facial expressions towards other people while I’m driving. Or the newest inedible fruit that I have discovered which is the tone in which I speak to people.

I have learned over the last couple weeks that when I am communicating with somebody that 55% is physiology 7% is the words in 38% is my tone. If I’m communicating with somebody over the phone, then it’s 83% tone. I am becoming very consciously aware of my tone when I’m speaking to people. Right now, in this very moment, I have realized that many times I have said things and my tone has made me a liar. I say one thing but my tone says another.

Today I will pay more attention to the tone that I am producing (fruit) today.   Think about your tone (fruit) is it edible?

What are you doing in your life right now that is helping you too produce excellent fruit? What are you doing to improve yourself daily?

2 thoughts on “A tree is known by its fruit.

  1. Dude, this is powerful, and it has hit me right between the ears. I thank God for how He uses different people/situations/times to meet us right where we are. Whether we are looking for Him or not.
    I can’t count the number of times I get told that I seem angry (based on my tone/face) and then I get to tell them, “IM NOT ANGRY.” Which is really convincing (yeah right).
    I agree with you Key, I’m going to ask Daddy to take this and help me be conscious of how I am with others (especially my family).

    Thank you for this.

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  2. What are you doing in your life right now that is helping you too produce excellent fruit? What are you doing to improve yourself daily?

    So I have just been through a pretty tough road with my wife and son over this. My wife Christy and my son, who has high functioning autism they have a terrible tone towards each other. Christy is a stepmom and is really struggling with my son. He is certain she hates him and she is certain he hates her. I get caught in the middle of “watch how you say it and how you need to say it”. Well I need to practice what I preach. My wife and I finally had a big fuss, and she used the words “I don’t even know why we got married”. I was devastated in that because I thought we were way past that. So in the flesh I reacted and said things to her like “I refuse to allow my son to be a Cinderella in this house”. I also went so low as to tell her she lacked experience in teenagers too…which may not mean a lot if you don’t know her story. She made some mistakes in her life that kept her from raising her two kids so that one… well it hurt more than I’m sure I know. Not exactly loving my wife like Christ loves His church, right? Not the fruits I know I can put out for sure there… well I asked the Holy Spirit to help me recognize how to show her in a better way how to show her to be nicer and this is His reply. “Do I treat you in that manner, would I love my church in that manner…I love you Brandon and I would never hurt you by bringing up something that I died for. It isn’t yours anymore and neither is hers. It’s mine and mine only to deal with. Wow… i repented and told my wife how wrong I was for talking to her and told her how much I was wrong! We are good now but my fruits will pour into my family… fruits that they will see are from the Spirit…so I am learning to control the flesh and be Christ in all I do. In my work, in my life and especially in my family in from of my child. Every day I want help with the Savior, the good husband, and the good Father. Prayer, confession and just asking Holy Spirit, How can I bring better fruit to give you glory”. He’s faithful, this I know and this is my anchor to shut up, listen and grow in Him.

    Every step I take I want to take towards you Jesus… let me fall on my face if I’m not with you. I want to bear your fruits without a hybrid mixture of mine. Let me drop the me and pick up the YOU! Let me bear ripe and sweet fruits of you so I can share and grow more. Let me be a tree of unlimited supply of you..I love you Jesus, I love your Spirit, I love the Father in you.

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