Once we become reborn

I had one of my friends respond to my blog the other day with this quote . 

“Once we become Reborn, what if God isn’t actually changing us into a new person, but revealing the person, our true identity, of who’s always been there. Kind of like we’ve allowed all of this crap and mold and junk to deform the true identity of the original art he created each of us to be.”

In other words, we’ve allowed un-forgiveness, bitterness, abandonment, rejection, abuse …..you fill in the blank to take us from righteousness to being an orphan.

Man, I’ve been chewing on that one for a while. To think that I was born to be righteous and in my true identity and I have allowed all of the crap, wounds, words from people, school teachers, parents, siblings you name it.  Life speaking to my identity and slowly changing it to where I became an orphan without even knowing it. 

Our parents, no matter who they were could have been several step dad’s, several step mom’s,  or just one mom and one dad,   They did the best they could.  They spoke into our identity and they molded us.  When a baby is born they just start doing things wrong because they don’t know who they are. As parents we speak truth to them to try and mold them in what we know from our identity and then one-day God reveals to them their true identity.

If you are a parent and you don’t know what your true identity is then how could you possibly speak that into your child. 

1st Thessalonians 5:21 Test everything like one would test gold to determine its true value, then treasure that which is precious with great care. 5:22 Distance yourselves immediately from every practice remotely related to the fruit of the “I-am-not-tree”, which is the typical exhausting 1law of works system. (The tree of the knowledge of good and evil [1poneros] represents mankind’s lost sense of identity and righteousness, where the universal pursuit of humanity would now be their constant effort to achieve righteousness by means of their own works. This inevitably leads to disappointment where shame replaces innocence, and union and fellowship are lost. The word evil, poneros, suggests being full of hardships, labors and annoyances.)

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