Surrender 2023

As I am spending time this morning being quiet I just keep hearing “Surrender”  I have had some struggles as of late with the same issue that has plagued me for years.  I am free from this, but there are times that I choose not to be free.  When I choose that path I don’t have peace.  When I choose that path most of the time it is because I think I can handle the situation on my OWN!  Then the question comes up that is always asked of me.  “how is that working for ya?”

I hate that question because my answer is always,  “it isn’t!”  I say all of that to share with you a little nugget on surrender.

Surrender is always a tough one for me as well. 

What is the worst thing that could happen if you surrender?

Here is what  François Fenelon the Archbishop of Cambria said in the 17th century.  He was the spiritual advisor to Louie the 14th.  He said this in a letter to the King about surrender.  There is more in the letter but this is the main point.

Let me tell you what real surrender is.  It is simply resting in the love of the Lord, as a little baby rests in his mother arms.  A perfect surrender must even be willing to quit surrendering, if that is what the Lord wants.  We renounce ourselves, and yet, God never lets us know when it is complete.  If we knew, it would no longer BE complete, for there is nothing that bolsters the ego quiet so much as knowing that it is fully surrendered.

Surrender consist, not in doing great, heroic deeds about which self can brag, but simply in accepting whatever God sends, and not seeking to change it.  Surrender is the source of true peace.

I have noticed for myself that when I have completely surrendered.  (at least when I think I have)  I feel at peace.  When I think I have surrendered something but I am restless about it and  I don’t have peace,   then I am still holding on to it.  I don’t like that. 

The more you look at what you are not;  the less you become who you are!

Kevin Gwyn


Any thoughts??????



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