What is forgiveness?

It is a burden lifted off your back.

Forgiveness will allow you to put your life back on track.

Forgiveness runs hand in hand with faithfulness.


Forgiveness comes from the heart.

Forgiveness is needed when two grow apart.

Forgiveness is what God does for us.

That is why He sent His Son, Jesus.


We want to learn to forgive,

Or it will be very hard to live.

Forgiving others for what they have done,

Will allow the Father and us to be as one.


Forgiving will break down the wall,

Between Heaven, Earth and us.

This will allow us to have,

A loving relationship with Jesus.


Forgiveness is a decision,

Only we can make that choice.

Forgiveness is obeying God,

Listening to his voice.


If you have anger that you repress.

Let it go or you will digress.

This emotion will eat you up inside.

One day you will wake and have no pride.


Your life may be a mess,

Therefore, you must look to Jesus.

Through Him, you will have success.

He is there for all of us.


Forgiveness is getting your heart right with God.

Whatever you do, do not put on a facade.

Make the decision and turn it over to Him.

He will forgive you and your sin.


Is there someone in your life that you need to forgive today?


By kevin gwyn

Ó Copyrighted 4/20/2002

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