Here is what He is showing me. Humility! I have several construction jobs going on. When there are several jobs going I become like the juggler you see on TV who is spinning about 15 plates or so. You know who I am talking about. He is constantly spinning a plate to keep them all going. Right now that is what I feel like. I have fifteen plates spinning and I had about 8 of them crash to the floor and shatter this week. What the Lord showed me today is I am responsible for spinning those plates and if I would pay more attention to the details instead of the big picture then it would be easier to keep the plates spinning and then there would be no broken plates. Which means …… no mess to clean up or unexpected job expenses. He also showed me that I am the cause of the majority of my pain because I did not pay attention to the details. That is always nice when the Lord shows you that it was your fault and no one else’s. Hmmmmmm


After the week I have had, I actually thought for just a moment (actually a couple of seconds) felt like everyone was out to get me. Is that a lie from the enemy or what!


I am alive

I am healthy

I am working

My family is healthy

The Lord loves me

I love Him

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