My son in law

I wrote about this a few days ago and it really hit me tonight. Always be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have. Always be Jesus with skin on because you never know who is watching. I had the privilege of meeting a young man about 5 years ago. He is the daddy of my grandson and his name is Dantrell. I have not seen him in like a year or year and half … not sure. Dantrell and my daughter went their separate ways and it was hard on both of them and little Jeremiah. Last Friday we met Dantrell in Denton to pick up Jeremiah and take him to Amarillo to be with his mom. That was very hard for me to see those two saying goodbye to each other. It broke my heart. Tonight I get a text message from him out of the blue and it says I just wanted to tell you that you are the number 1 person in this world that I look up to and I wish my dad was like you. What an Honor. Very humbling. I got some more text from him and I really felt like I needed to call him. So I did …. He was in tears but it was good. I believe God has him right where he wants him. We talked about 30 minutes and I prayed for him. He said he would go on a Quest I just don’t know if he can get off work. Please pray for him. I am trying to see if I can get him on August. We will see what Holy Spirit Says about that. The reason I share this is because you never know who you are going to impact with your actions or re actions so be Jesus with skin on and


Givem Heaven out there!

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