Who do you obey?

26 But gthe 7Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will hsend in My name, iHe will teach you all things, and bring to your jremembrance all things that I said to you. John 14-17 are 4 chapters of the Gospels that are my favorites. So it was no surprise this morning when I woke to here John 14. So I read and it really spoke to me. You hear the Holy Spirit … I hear the Holy Spirit. So you can do like I did and hear Him and disobey for two months or hear Him and obey. After my confession I have had a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. I wish I had obeyed sooner. So what is Holy Spirit telling you or better yet, what has He told you to do? and you deliberately disobeyed Him? What I mean is … You heard Him and you know you heard Him and you just turned your back on Him. That is what I did and it did not work well for me.


I can remember growing up and my father telling me. (17yrs old) “Son, when you go down to Dallas for that concert, do not do anything to get thrown in jail,” “Okay dad no problem.” The consequences of the sin are bigger than the sin itself. I got thrown in jail.
When I got home I was disciplined. My vehicle was taken away and I was grounded for six weeks. I didn’t have a cell phone or they would have taken that as well. My point is if you choose to walk in disobedience then you better be ready for the discipline. He disciplines those He loves and He loves you.

One thought on “Who do you obey?

  1. Well done Kee ! So hear is a question I ask because I'm not sure how men should walk together and be accountable. The question – what could have been said to you , pointed out to you to help you recognize the disobedience sooner bringing repentance and healing sooner ? Or are those close to us best off to continue to offer comfort , concern and encouragement ? Are we walking alone or are those close to us able to reach down and help pull us up out of the muck ? Or does that look and feel like judgement? I would love to hear you perpective . Again, well done and I'm proud of you. All – In , Chuck in Michigan


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