The Critical Eye

My wife told me tonight that she is seeing a difference in me and how I talk about people. What I mean is this. Have you ever read an email to your wife or told a story but you say it the way you think that person meant it. Just like reading an email. The person who typed it could be typing with a nice tone but because you felt it meant something else (you judged) you read it with maybe a hint of sarcasm in your voice. Or maybe you got really loud. We tend to put our own voice on it. I really hate it when I do that, but I am getting better. My critical eye is getting healed. This leads me to Chpt 8 in the book.

The Critical Eye……….. How I see you is a reflection of how I see me.

Proverbs 26:17
you grab a mad dog by the ears when you butt into a quarrel that’s none of your business. The Message


I don’t find myself as critical as I used to be. The chapter is referring to our need to find fault in others or to point out their shortcomings. You know ………. throwing stones.


Nugget: Just because we see the need in another person does not mean we have the right to invade the individual’s life. Our first goal should be to love the person and make him or her feel safe while owning his problem. If people do not feel safe with their problem, they will feel they have to cover it up. They will not respond positively to our inquisition (on quest this is where we say you have to love them right where they are) we actually force people in to denial by our rejection and condemnation. Quote from the book


Nugget: Just when I think I am getting better I read this. When I am delivered from a critical eye, I will see people as God see them. I will always know the Spirit of God can work in them to solve every problem and conquer every obstacle. You see, our confidence in people is directly related to our confidence in God. When we see the best in them, they will see, believe, and live the best God has to offer. Qoute from the book


Thanks Kevin

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