Today or this week

You will have opportunities this week to persevere, to walk away from and stand in Victory. You may be required to stand firm.

James 1.2   Temptations and contradictions come in different shapes, sizes, and intervals; their intention is always to suck you into their energy field. However, my friends, your joy in who you know you are leads you out triumphantly every time.  Yhe Mirror Bible.

I want to tell you, don’t dread it but look at it as an opportunity, actually there are several opportunities at that moment. You have the opportunity to be Jesus with skin on you have an opportunity to walk in your identity. You have an opportunity for people to ask you.  How did you do that? How did you walk in so much peace?  It is like nothing affects you anymore. I don’t know what you’ve done but I want what you have.

James 1.12   Blessed is the one who does not lose their footing when temptation strikes; they are 1crowned the victor; their lives prove the  currency and character of their design. The verdict: No contradiction can distract from the love of the Lord.

You have the opportunity to see the glory of being forgiven,  so you can become forgiveness.

Prince Of Heaven

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