Mat 13:16-17

But blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear. For truly, I say to you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.

1. The truth that has the most potential to set you free also has the most potential to offend you.

2. The disciple has no dread of being wrong!

Jesus told the disciples, “you see, you hear, and you are blessed.” But the key is this: they were disciples. It doesn’t say He told the crowd; it certainly doesn’t say He told the Christians… no! He told the disciples. They had made the choice to follow Him at all cost. In America, we don’t have to live in threat of losing our life to follow Jesus as do believers in countries all around the world. We won’t have our property and assets confiscated. We just run the risk of giving up this life that has come to define us. The disciple has so come to terms with the death of self that he is eager to learn. He loves instruction. He values correction. Being wrong is no threat to the disciple; it presents an opportunity for growth. He knows he is loved by God even if he is wrong. He knows God will not punish him, but will correct him gently as the child He loves. Dr Richards Moving your invisible boundaries

When the disciple hears the words of correction, the voice of God in his heart says, “This is truth.” While there is always a momentary “sting” of embarrassment, the negative feelings are soon replaced by the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

The defensiveness and arguments give way to peace. He seeks to know God in his heart (acknowledge Him) and God makes the way of correction even, straight, easy, prosperous, and pleasant. But the capacity to hear and feel these wonderful inner expressions of love, peace, and power are only known by those who listen to God in their heart

The disciple has no dread of being wrong! It might be interesting to sit and quietly reflect on your conflicts with others. Are you really open to the view of others, or are you more anxious to prove your point of view? Do you feel that listening to others means you agree with them? Do you feel embarrassed or blessed when you discover an area that you previously misunderstood? It could be interesting to go to people around you and ask for their input. “I promise I will not argue or become disagreeable, but I need to know, am I generally open to your input? Do I argue when I am challenged?” But keep in mind, if you are a dominator, no one will tell you the truth. Get alone with God, repent, and change your mind about your need to be right. Then give yourself permission to be wrong. Over time as you develop your heart, you will identify the reasons you are argumentative and unteachable. Above all, do not make the most crucial of self-deceptive mistakes. Don’t think you are closed to people but open to God. I promise you, as you are with people, so are you with God! Dr Richards

I think there is a lot of wisdom here.

I love the statement “being wrong is no threat to the disciple.”

When I think back how many times I’ve wanted to be right even when I knew I was wrong. That’s a big deal. I had somebody ask me the other day “if you were wrong would you admit it?”

I said yes of course. but that doesn’t mean that’s a practice that I practice all the time. I would also like to think that is something that I practice. Who wants to admit that they’re wrong? Who wants to admit that on quest you heard wrong?

Listening is such an important factor in everything. We have to remember are we listening for you to shut up so we can talk or are we listening for what’s behind the words and then pausing before we respond?

See yourself the way God sees you.

I lay me down

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