Morning meditation

Have not been  writing very much lately.   I’ve been spending quite time with the Lord.   I have been meditating 20 to 40 minutes every morning for the last 3 months.   Just haven’t had anything to write until this morning.

Psalm 118.24 Today is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

This is what this morning’s meditation was about I have included a link to it for those that are interested.

Starting the day in God’s presence

There is a point  where the narrator says now Gently offer up your concerns to God. So I just went through my usual stuff but then all of a sudden I got this vision.

I have a loved one that is going through a very hard time right now When someone that you love is hurting you want to help,  But sometimes all you can do is give them comfort and pray for them.

This is the vision that I got this morning  and it rocked me. 

I got a picture of me carrying her To the Lord and I laid her in his lap.   

He said,   “You don’t need to worry anymore, I have your baby, I will take care of her.”

I just started weeping . I said, “Thank you.” and I walked away.

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