Home is where the heart is

My friend Richard Henderson wrote this this morning and sent it to me And it was so good I just wanted to share because it’s exactly what Kelly and I went through.


“Our citizenship is in heaven with Jesus…” Philippians 3:20

We recently moved from our house of 22 years. So many beautiful memories. So much joy and laughter inside these walls. This was the only place that our sons Riley and Maddox had ever known. Lizards hunted. Trees climbed. Balls caught. 

Paige and I were talking to Riley one evening and we asked him how he felt about leaving the only “home” that he had ever known.

“This is not my home.” was his response.

Paige and I looked at each other and, to be transparent, our feelings were a little hurt. These days Riley lives in Nashville and we thought that he was saying that his “home” was in Nashville.

He continued “I was raised in airplanes and trains and buses and cars traveling the world with you guys. This place is not my home. Wherever you guys are is my home.”

And Paige and I cried a little…

What Riley said profoundly impacted Paige and me. Our perspective of the move, the loss of “home”, was instantly changed.

Paul wrote to the Philippians and reminded them that their and our “home” is with Jesus. Wherever HE is, is home for us.

Most of us live like this is our home. We plant ourselves firmly and deeply in the ground of “here” and live like this is the end of the trip.

A wise man once told me, “living things grow and growing things change and change is hard.”

Change is hard when we live like this is “home”.

Are you living like this is “home” or like you are just passing through this world?

The fact of life is that all that we see and do today will one day pass away and, in the end, the only thing that will be left is what is coming…”home” with Jesus.

Right now stop and ask yourself “am I living like this is my home?”

A simple test might look like asking yourself if change is hard for you. This might be an indicator that you have become too attached to here.

Accept that you are just passing through and purpose to live today like you are a permanent resident of heaven and only a temporary visitor here.

Our citizenship is in heaven with Jesus…” Phil 3:20

Let this get deep into you. Believe it and act like it is true…because it is.

HOME is where Jesus is…

You have been prayed for today.

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