Jesus with skin on

2nd Corinthians 2.15 We are a sweet savor of Christ to God evident in everyone we meet. The fragrance of Christ is recognized in all to salvation. The same gospel that announces the fragrant victory of Christ declares the odor of death; the 1defeat of destruction in everyone! (This parade of victory is a public announcement of the defeat of the religious systems and structures based on the law of works. Just like it is in any public game where the victory celebration of the winning team is an embarrassment for the losing team. The death of evil is announced in resurrection life! The word, 1apollumi, is derived from apo, away from, and luo, to loosen, to undo, to dissolve. See 1 John 3:8)

I am grateful to not be on the losing team. My prayer every night is to be a disciple and to love people, all people in any and every circumstance

Don’t do anything today to cover up your fragrance. Be true to yourself , smile at everyone.

Be Jesus with skin on. Live for the moment.

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