Is it time?

Isaiah 26:3 you will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you

Is it time to get out of town? Is it time to remove yourself from your surroundings from the chaos, from the TV, from the radio?

What are you investing your time in that is not bringing you a life?

Most of us have not done much traveling as of late. Could it be time for a sabbatical. Deliberately getting away for two or three days. No radio no TV and absolutely no phone and just seek him?

I believe only good things happen when you get away on a sabbatical. In Exodus it clearly states that he will enlarge your borders, and know one will covet your land while you’re away.

Exo 34:22-24
You shall observe the Feast of Weeks, the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the Feast of Ingathering at the year’s end. Three times in the year shall all your males appear before the LORD God, the God of Israel. For I will cast out nations before you and enlarge your borders; no one shall covet your land, when you go up to appear before the LORD your God three times in the year.

Personally myself I am long overdue. But this isn’t just about me.

I believe that the Lord is tugging on your heartstrings right now to get away and you know who you are.

In the scene of the chosen when Jesus calls out to Matthew it is very obvious the Jesus doesn’t choose the qualified but qualifies those he chooses.

He has called you!

He picked Matthew a tax collector a sinner Beyond forgiveness and walked with him. Then he turned around and wrote one of the Gospels.

Just imagine for a moment what he can do with you. It’s time to get away.

Watch “Jesus calls the misfit tax collector” on YouTube

Get used to different.

If the Lord is calling you to get away respond to this post so we can pray for you

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