Those who struggle the most.

If there was ever a part of this book that I could have wrote verbatim it would be this paragraph right here.

Yes believe it or not, I have actually moved into chapter 9

Those who struggle the most to transform their sexual lives, however, are not those who have fallen the hardest; it is those who have learned how to resign to small doses of unwanted sexual behavior over a lifetime. They have resigned not to sexual extremity but to the occasional sexual struggle. Most often, they curate sexual struggles that likely will not cost them relationships or careers. The point is not to explode their lives but to slowly deaden their hearts’ ability to believe that meaningful change could ever come.

When I think of movies where a spouse is slowly poisoning their mate, a little drop here a little drop their over the years until they finally die. I believe that’s what this paragraph is saying. That one little Drop of Poison every once in awhile is just enough to compromise you from living a full abundant life.

John 10.10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

From Chpt 9. With time, porn will become a form of restitution in which we demand that the object of our lust suffer the loneliness, anger, and confusion we do not know how to suffer.

I have to say this does not taste good at all. Nor should it.

Pornography is a form of restitution? because I can’t deal with my own crap? I have to run to some type of porn and make whoever, suffer the consequences. Like I have that kind of power over the lady on the screen. But I could project that on to my spouse. I could project my anger and passive aggression.

The part that really gets me though is where the author says ” we do not know how to suffer.”

Ephesians 4:26 Even if you think you have a valid excuse, do not let anger dominate your day! If you don’t deal with it immediately (in the light of the likeness of Christ in you) the sun sets for you and your day becomes one of lost opportunity where darkness employs anger to snare you into sin.

I’ll leave you with this. The truth will set you free. The next time you get angry. Stop for a moment and think about your thought process and where are you wanting to go.

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