Bad Dreams

Bad dreams, we all have them some are worse than others.  I had a bad dream last night all I remember was I encountered a rude salesperson and so I was rude back. In other words, I was definitely not Jesus with skin on. When I woke this morning, I felt bad.   in my dream I did go back and apologize. But the damage had already been done the vile words that left my mouth were penetrating to the salesperson. Yeah, I apologized but my true colors were already revealed.  I know in reality, that I am a son but to the world they look at it that I revealed my true colors.
I started reading in Romans this morning and I went through chapter 10 chapter 11 and it was the middle of chapter 12 where Holy Spirit started speaking
12:7 The same goes for every aspect of ministry, whether it be serving or to give instruction,
In my dream I did neither.  Verse 8 though is what nailed me
12:8 or to just be there1alongside someone to remind them of their true identity; always let faith set the pace. You are 3intertwined with your 2gift, wrapped up in the same parcel. Lead with passion; minister mercy cheerfully.(1parakaleo, alongside, closest possible proximity of nearness; 2metadidomi [see note on Rom 1:11], and 3haplous from ha, a particle of union and pleko, to plait, braid or weave together. You cannot distance yourself from your giving! What God now has in us is gift wrapped to the world [Eph 4:11].)
What I have to remember as a son of the most high is when someone gives me attitude I cannot give attitude back. Instead I need to speak truth however that looks to them. I must remember they’re expecting me to give them attitude back and it’s up to me to change the game the way Holy Spirit leads.
Lord I just thank you for the Revelation this morning and the reminder to love people where they’re at regardless of what they say or do. To show them Jesus with skin on without saying the name Jesus.
Romans 12:9 love without any hidden agenda. Utterly detest evil; be glued to good.
12:10 Take tender care of one another with fondness and affection; esteem one another’s unique value. 

12:11 Do not allow any hesitation to interrupt the rhythm of your zeal; capture the moment; maintain the boiling-point intensity of spirit devotion to the Lord. The Mirror version

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