You will deny me three times.

To think I was just cruising along in Matthew 26 this morning not really getting anything until I got to this passage.  I thought … everyone knows this passage.
 Matthew 26:75  And Peter remembered the saying of Jesus.  “Before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.”  And he went out and wept bitterly. 

….. Why is this important?  I hear in that quiet little voice in  my spirit.  “You deny me all of the time.”    Well …….   What do you say to that?   As I am writing I hear,   you deny me when you are driving and that person cuts you off, you deny me when you walk by that person and I say pray for them and you keep walking.  You deny me when you say you are too busy to spend time with me.  You deny me when you think your way is better than mine. You deny me when I tell you something to do and you choose not to do it.   Need I say more?
This morning’s Oswald is about watching with Jesus instead of watching for Him.  I think when we are watching for Him it is easy to miss Him or deny Him.  When we are watching with Him then it is hard to deny Him…. Wouldn’t you say?  That would be like    ….   Being Jesus with skin on … watching people and circumstances with Jesus eyes.
When you watch with Jesus you will not have to watch for Him. 
When you are watching with Him you could say you are standing beside Jesus instead of Him standing beside you.   Just a thought.


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