Who Is This Man?


Who is this man?

He is called the Messiah.

He came to deliver us.

The Son of Man, He is Jesus.


They say You are the King of The Jews.

We know You are the King of all.

That day You felt so small.

But we knew You stood tall.


Your time has come, it is okay to cry.

You knew You were going to die.

You knew You were going to be betrayed.

You were in the garden and You prayed.


You knew what You had to do.

Which was to die for everyone.

No one wanted to help.

Nothing but scars and whelps.


He healed so many at his expense.

He was accused and had no evidence

The truth is all He had for his defense.

Still, He had to suffer the consequence.


They hit You.

And called You names.

Your tears fell like the rain.

How could your people be so insane.


So much dissension.

The crowd had every intention.

The people needed to repent.

But Jesus, did not resent.


They flogged You.

They spit on You.

What could you do?

They knew Your soul was true.


The thorns pierced Your skin.

You knew you could not win.

You did this for me.

To the cross, You carried my sin.


They drove the spikes through Your wrists

You were in so much pain.

Yet, You did not resist.

This was your destiny.


They slashed You with a whip.

Broke open Your back.

All they did to You was attack.

As Your blood did nothing but drip.


His blood washes away our sin.

His blood did not go to waste.

His tears dripped from his chin

Jesus searched his soul deep with in.


Jesus, they could not keep You down.

God took away Your frown.

You rose in three days.

Jesus, thank You for giving Your life away


By kevin gwyn Ó Copyrighted


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