Proverbs 27.17

Being judgmental really makes me want to hurl sometimes. Case in point, I had to call someone yesterday to see if he was going on an event, to serve with me. He had not responded to any of my emails, so I had to call him. When I asked him why he had responded to my email, he responded with “I don’t get online” I thought “okay” so I asked “how to you read the men’s emails?” He responded louder and more sternly “I don’t get online!” It really pissed me off the way he was talking to me. Then he said “Mike Chaney knows that” I said “I am sorry, but Chaney failed to mention to me that you did not get online.” Now I am starting to get annoyed. (In my mind I am wondering if I am being Judgmental or is this guy being a jerk). What he failed to mention was that his daughter kept him up to date on the emails. He also said he had responded to Michael so he felt he didn’t need to respond to me. That annoyed me as well. What I had to do was be super nice to him. He bowed up then I bowed up. So I had to make myself be nice so I could end the conversation on a good note. Which, that is what happened. Does this phone call still bother me…? Somewhat, but I am working through it. Here is what really got me. So I talked to a friend of mine who served with this man and he said that the individual that I am referring to is one of the nicest persons he knows. So now I have to really think about my tone with Him and did I start it?

When I told my wife this story she looked at me and said “that is what you do to me” I said “what” She said, “I will ask you a question and you will give me an answer, but I don’t understand your answer, So I ask you the question again and you get louder and give me the same answer thinking that I will understand because you are louder and annoyed that I did not understand you the first time.”

As Iron sharpens iron, so one wife sharpens a husband.


Proverbs 27.17 “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another:

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