What is in the dark?

John 3:19 And this is the 1crisis: the light is here right now, yet people are so addicted to their own darkness that they prefer a life of 2labors, annoyances and hardships! (The word 1krisis, is often translated judgment. The word for evil, 2poneros, translates, full of hardships annoyances and labors.)

3:20 When someone is engaged in something 1worthless, they often fear exposure and feel threatened by the light! (The word, 1phaulos means worthless; also used in James 3:16, all kinds of worthless pursuits)

When I think about the phrase people are addicted to their own Darkness it just sends chills up my spine.

You are only as sick as your secrets. It’s time to expose them to the light and walk into Freedom!

The darkness could be the very lie that you’ve been believing. Ask Holy Spirit right now what is the lie that you’ve been believing about…………

When Holy Spirit reveals that to you then ask Jesus what is the truth?

Expose the darkness for what it is and walk in Freedom today!

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