Anger distorts the picture

James 1:20 anger distorts the picture and brings no credit to compliment God’s righteousness.

Yesterday I had someone email me, they were trying to scam me. It’s always very obvious because they want me to look at a job. They’re always out of town on business. They have just bought the house. Then the Clincher, I hope I can afford to pay you with credit card. This was the fourth one this week Sometimes They Come as text messages. But this one really made me mad. I was fixing to lash out at him. But instead I asked him where was he out of town on business? He came back with the usual, he didn’t answer the question and came up with something else. Something inside of me clicked and instead of lashing out at him. I went a different route this time. I chose to not be angry and instead I said this.

I just want you to know that Jesus thinks you are an amazing individual and he loves you so much. There is greatness in you have a great day.

I didn’t really expect to hear back from him, and I didn’t. It shifted something in me and I wasn’t mad anymore when I spoke truth to this individual.

What I noticed is it’s very difficult to be mad at a person when you’re speaking Jesus over them.

James 1:26 meaningless conversation is often disguised as a religious eloquence. Just because it sounds sincere, doesn’t make it true. If your tongue is not bridled about what your heart knows to be true about you, you cheat yourself.

Yesterday I chose to have good conversation and it wasn’t disguised because I know who I am. Therefore I did not cheat myself. Who knows maybe that guy responds today I don’t know. But what I do know is that a seed was planted and it’s not my job to water it. My job, is to stay out of God’s way.

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