Philippians 4:1

4:1 now in the light of all of this, I am sure that you can appreciate what an enormous delight you are to me! My precious friends and Brethren, you are my trophy and my joy! Just as you have been doing, continue to stand immovable strong in the Lord. The Mirror

Such an excellent way to start off the morning that I am an enormous Delight to him. We all are!

Today we are his trophy and his Joy!

Today stand strong in the Lord! Stay focused on him through all of your activities do not stray do not waver stay focused and be of good courage and Play The Man!

4:8 now let this be your conclusive reasoning. Consider that which is true about everyone as evidenced in Christ. Live overwhelmed by God’s opinion of you! Acquaint yourselves with the revelation of righteousness. Realize God’s likeness in you. Make it your business to declare Mankind’s redeemed innocence. Think friendship. Discover how famous everyone is in light of the Gospel. Mankind is in God’s Limelight! Ponder how elevated you are in Christ. Study stories that Celebrate life. The Mirror

4.9 these things are consistent with all that I teach and live; you can confidently practice what you hear and see in me. The piece that inevitably follows this lifestyle is more than a fuzzy feeling; this is God himself endorsing our Oneness. The Mirror

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