I am under attack!

I received an email the other day from fellow Warrior who said that he was under attack. I want to say a few things about that because I feel so many times that we use the words “I am under attack” too quickly. just because your car breaks down or your water heater goes out or you get sick doesn’t always mean you’re under attack. Maybe your car breaks down because you haven’t changed the oil in it for 79000 miles or maybe your water heater went out because the area that you live in has very hard water and it’s 16 years old. Maybe you’re sick because you haven’t been taking care of the Lord’s Temple and your 120 lbs. overweight and you have developed diabetes.  The doctor has told you need to lose the weight or you’re going to get diabetes.

 A lot of times when we feel we’re under attack it’s because of our own doing or because it is just life.   Things just happen.   A few years ago, we had an ice storm and my driveway was frozen over.  I carefully walked out to my truck on my way back I slipped on the ice and broke my leg.  Some people would say in that instance that they were under attack from the enemy. I say I slipped on the ice and broke my leg.   Life happens …. accidents happen. 

I must say that I feel a lot of times we give too much credit to the enemy. I’m talking about the enemy that is already defeated. Personally, for myself I refuse to give the enemy credit for just about anything that happens.   He is weak he is unstable he doesn’t know who he is. On the other hand, though you know who you are you are a mighty man or women of God. You are a son of God. You are a warrior.  You my friend make the enemy run!

Let’s just say what if? What if The Lord brought the memory of an old girlfriend or boyfriend back to you?  You could very easily think that is an attack. But what if it’s not an attack what if the Lord is showing you his goodness. It’s just a memory I get memories like that all the time I just don’t consider them attacks from the enemy who’s already defeated.

Look at those thoughts as opportunities of training and what I mean is when those thoughts come to mind. Take them captive to The Obedience of Christ.  Hear is a thought …… maybe pray for them.
You haven’t seen your old girlfriend or old boyfriend in 10 years.  He or She popped back in your mind just like a brother that you haven’t talked to in a couple of years and we all know that when the Lord brings somebody to our mind that we should call them or pray for them look at these instances as opportunities and not attacks. Turn the tables into your favor

Do attacks happen yes, they do. I can’t tell you how many times I have been spending time in the word and then unexpectedly the visual Rolodex comes alive in my mind.   I would say that those old pornographic images that resurface are attacks. Then I have a choice dwell on the thought or take it captive

10:5 Every lofty idea and argument positioned against the knowledge of God is cast down and exposed to be a mere invention of our own imagination. We arrest every thought that could possibly trigger an opposing threat to our redeemed identity and innocence at spear point! The caliber of our weapon is empowered by the revelation of the ultimate consequence of the obedience of Christ. (The obedience of Christ dwarfs the effect of the disobedience of Adam into insignificance! See Romans 5:12-21.)

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