Let your yes be yes

Todd White is a man who loves the Lord unlike any one I have ever heard.  Last night I watched the movie “Father of Lights” the movie is a documentary about the Heart of God.  Rocked my world.  At the end was about 20 minutes of Todd White in Jerusalem.  Amazing!  I have learned something about myself.  For my walk to be complete I have to love people.  (that is what Jesus said)  All people not just certain ones.  I have learned that I am only seven years old in the Lord.  I have learned that I can’t be on the fence because satan owns the fence.  You are either all in or you are not.  Jesus  say in Matthew 5:37  But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.  I have found myself over the last 18 days looking at all people and asking the Lord for a word of knowledge for them.  I walk in Home Depot and I see people in a different light.  I see them in the way the Lord sees them and my heart is changing.   I see tattoos, overweight, super skinny, tall, short, mean, and nice and I find myself walking and praying for people under my breath.  I see it coming …… I see the lord giving me a word of knowledge for someone who is sick or injured and praying for them and they are getting healed.  It is real.   Right now I feel like my heart is about to leap out of my chest for this.  Going up to someone and reading there mail and then praying for them to be healed is out of my comfort zone, but then that is why we have the comforter… right?   To be okay with whatever response they have.  To walk and not be offended because I know who I am.  Proverbs 19.11  Good sense makes one slow to anger,  and it is his glory to overlook an offense.  I want to be so free from me,  that I am free from you #toddwhite

The last thing that has been really on my heart is Revelation 12:11   we all know it… we sing about it, but in the last week it has really just clicked.  We sing about the first part but never about the second part “and they did not love their souls so much that they were afraid to die!

Rev. 12.11 And they overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony and they did not love their souls so much that they were afraid to die.   We are supposed to die so we can live.  I just don’t see how the blood of the lamb and your testimony are going to do much good if you don’t die to yourself.
I suppose you can pose through the first part.  You can show a good walk and have a testimony and look at porn when you are by yourself or lie or cheat.  Under pay for something when you know the price is wrong.  Thief!    I think you get the point. 

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