Prove to the world that you are my disciples

John 13:45  Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples    When I woke I hear John 14 and then this morning my devotion takes me to John 13 so I start in John 13.  When I get to verse 45 I hear  “you have to love everyone….. you can’t pick and choose. “  That is good but at the same time I once again get revealed my shortcomings.    (which is good)   When I go on Quest to serve I have learned to love you right where you are at.  I need the attitude to carry over into my real life in the real world.  It is like everything else in my life.  There are days I walk in victory in that area and then there are days I do not.  I am a work in progress.   I desire more of Him and less of me.   More of Him means less judgment on my part.

When you see that person today where it feels un natural to love him and you want to judge.  Then buy his lunch or his coke at the 7-11.   Smile and say have a great day.   Bless your waitress or waiter,  don’t just tip.   You will know what to do.  Be Jesus with skin on.

Have an Awesome day!

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