Hello everyone,

The little post I did Saturday seemed to stir some things up with a few of you. I just wanted to add some clarification so we are on the same page. I had been going through a rough patch which is something that I tend to do just like you do. I mad some bad choices which allowed me to get there. Do I like getting in those places … no. I found over the years that a lot of times it is in those bad places where the Lord speaks to me and pulls me out of the “bad places” I don’t want anyone to think I was beating myself with a stick. I am actually grateful for what happed last Saturday morning. I was reading in the word and He spoke and I repented. It was Awesome! His word pierced my heart it was wounding!


It is just like eating dinner. When you eat your body absorbs the nutrients and then gets rid of the waste. When you digest God’s word you absorb the fresh manna and get rid of the waste. Which could be anything. Unforgiveness, pain from the past, something you did a few days ago, something you said to someone or in my case the way I was living (personal conviction you might say) etc. I say this …. It is very important to stay in the Word of the Lord. The Lord speaks to me more when I am in the word that through any other way.


Rev. 2-17 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. …………………………………..


Awesome, I overcame Saturday morning and I got hidden manna in the word of the Lord.



2 thoughts on “Manna

  1. Thank you sir, It is awesome that someone would read this out side of my little circle.
    very encouraging


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