Matthew 6.6

Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

So is that what you do? I mean really? Is that what you do? When was the last time you got quiet? I mean really quiet? This is what it looks like to me; you get up in the morning or late at night and you get quiet. You don’t open up your bible; you don’t get on your knees and pray. You just get quiet. You quiet your mind and you sit and listen. For me that looks like sitting in my favorite chair in my office and closing my eyes and try to think of things of God. It is a very difficult thing for me to do. To get quiet and not be distracted. Matthew 6.6 says when you pray, go to the closet (secret place) and shut the door and when your Heavenly Father sees what you have done in secret He will reward you in the open. For those of you that have young kids or grandkids this is what that looks like. Do you remember the last time that little child just came over and crawled up in your lap and didn’t say anything but was just quiet, (maybe fell asleep) and what did you do? You held this child and just loved on that child. You might even have whispered something over that child. You most assuredly spoke a blessing over that child. That is what it looks like. You go to the secret place and leave all of your cares, crap or whatever you want to call it outside, and close the door. You crawl up in your Fathers lap and let Him speak to you and you don’t say anything in return, you just listen. I promise you when you do this; it is an incredible experience, very peaceful.


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