The rest of the Story

The rest of the Story: Darrin Hufford is the man in the story. He is the author of several books. This story comes from the book I just finished called “The Misunderstood God”.

A young married couple had asked him to stop by their house and minister to the young lady who was living with them. They said she was demon possessed. They were going to be with him but they had to go out of town at the last minute so he had to go alone. This made him very nervous. He had actually been training for a while about deliverance. So he got prayed up and when arrived at the house he even drove around the house seven times. He put anointing oil on his hands so when he shook the girls hand he would scare the demons but to his amazement nothing happened. So he sat down with the young lady and she begins to explain to him that the demon in her spoke to her all the time and that she knew his name. That is when he said, can I pray with you? she said, yes but you cannot use the J-word (Jesus). That was paralyzing to the author! It would be like training a soldier in the use of a weapon and then stripping him of it moments before battle. How are you supposed to cast out demons without using the name of Jesus? So what did he do? He pleaded the blood, rebuked the demon and called down the blessings, but nothing happened. He said he was dead in the water and felt like a traveling snake oil salesman at the end of his bag of tricks.

So he sat there with her for more than two hours feeling embarrassed and emotional spent. While sitting there thinking about what else he could do, he caught a glimpse of the little girl. She had not slept in days. He saw a little girl consumed in fear that she could barely sit still. It was in that moment that his heart broke for her as if she was his own child. He got up and walked across the room and took her into his arms and held her tightly. Everything in inside of him melted and he cried with her as he held her. That moment that young lady was set free. Her name was Joy. And she had reclaimed her Joy in his arms. He learned that day that tricks are for kids. Though he was stripped of using Jesus’ name, He found that if he became Jesus to her all the power of the universe was at my fingertips. It was love that sat her free. From the day forward the author says that his entire ministry was built on the foundational truth that God is Love and that it is more important to be Jesus with skin on than to just say His name. God is Love and nothing else. God gave us the Golden rule. Do unto others as you would them do unto you. The golden rule is for God as well….. Not just us.

John 15:17
These things I command you, that you love one another.NKJV

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