So we will better know you


Lord, sometimes we cannot help the way we think.

That really does stink.

You know what, that is okay.

Look to the clouds and pray.


Sometimes Lord, we cannot explain

The way we truly feel.

Sometimes we are in so much pain

Nothing seems real.


Everything You do God, is so calculated

So why does life sometimes feel so complicated.

He speaks to us in prayer that is how we communicate.

He always gives us something to contemplate.


The Lord instills in us confidence

The Lord in our lives is not a coincidence.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to get us out of our stalemate.

He tells us that whatever we do, please do not deviate.


The Lord is talking about our walk.

He says, “spread my word when you talk.”

Some people will not listen, that is okay.

Those that do not listen get their names and pray.




By kevin gwyn

ÓCopyrighted 4/17/2002




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